Report at eleven months out

8/8/11—For those of you who are following my blog for some hint of what to expect when you get to this point yourselves, I should warn you that my eleventh month off of Klonopin pretty much sucked. However, as I pointed out to Duncan when he commented on my last blog entry, my history is very complicated. It includes all of the following: long-term high-dose usage, a cold turkey, a seizure, an improperly-done first taper, protracted withdrawal, a reinstatement and a pre-existing chronic pain condition. Most of you don’t have that sort of baggage as part of your benzo history. And, even if you do, no two people experience precisely the same path to healing.

My eleven months off anniversary was on July 24th, so about two weeks ago. Once again, the college class I was taking interfered with prompt publishing of my update. I also think the class (an intense class taken over the short summer semester) was at least partly (if not entirely) to blame for what a craptastic tenth and eleventh month I experienced. However, it’s worth noting that I was physically well enough to attempt it to begin with. I guess it was just too much, too soon.

I anticipate a better twelfth month and promise a very comprehensive progress report; one that compares my symptoms now to where they were a year ago. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s where I was two weeks ago ..

These are my symptoms, listed in order of severity (most to least), each rated with a number 0-10 (0 = nonexistent, 10 = unbearable) …

Muscle symptoms & resulting pain—6 (at nine months off was a 5.5)
I think all of the hours spent hunched over a textbook and/or studying really took their toll on the weakest part of my body. This symptom was rather bad this month.

Muscle tension headaches—6 (at ten months off was a 5)
The increased muscle spasticity in my neck, shoulders and back fueled “headaches from hell” this month. Thank goodness for ice packs and Excedrin. Thank goodness the class is over. I’m already seeing less pain in the handful of days it’s been since the class ended.

Yes, I’m planning on taking another class during the fall semester, but it will be an easier one spread out over a much longer time period. It should be doable. And I think it’s important not to sit at home giving in to this thing any more than I absolutely must.

Insomnia—4 (at nine months off was a 4)
No change.

Internal pressure—3.5 (at nine months off was a 3.5)
No change.

Dizziness, light-headedness & poor balance—3.5 (at nine months off was a 3.5)
No change.

Tinnitus—2 (at nine months off was a 2)
No change. This is a minor symptom that I never notice except when I evaluate it for my updates.

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