Dr. Oz segment, critical of Big Pharma, yanked off show’s site within 24 hours of being aired.

This screen capture from The Dr. Oz Show's website was taken after the show was removed, but while it still showed up in search results. Now, even this much is missing.

On May 12, 2011, a segment aired on The Dr. Oz Show entitled “The 4 Things Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know.” The piece was about business practices in the pharmaceutical industry that have a lot more to do with earning profits for the shareholders than they do with helping patients. As most of us who’ve encountered the benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome feel that we’ve been harmed by these practices, I was delighted to see the issue getting some coverage on a well-respected mainstream television show. Publicity like this is a good first step.

Sometime in the wee hours between May 12 and 13, once again suffering from benzo withdrawal-induced insomnia, I saw a link to the segment which one of my benzo friends had posted on Facebook. I began watching it, but tiredness finally got the best of me. In the morning, when I tried to resume watching it, Dr. Oz’s site kept giving me the error message “Access Denied.” I didn’t think much of it. It was likely a popular segment and too many people were trying to access it at once … so I told myself. I quickly found out that no one could access it. The segment had been taken down.

From what little I had seen the evening before, it hadn’t been an earth-shattering exposé of Big Pharma. Rather it was mostly just about pharmaceutical industry practices which most of us who are prescription drug-damaged already know about. Still, I was delighted to see the subject being covered where family and friends (many of whom doubt both the benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and the things I have to say about Big Pharma) might actually get to see it. When I realized that wouldn’t happen, my reactions ranged from outrage to not-terribly-surprised resignation.

Finally realizing that the segment had been yanked, it wasn’t too difficult to imagine a phone call from a large pharmaceutical advertiser to the Fox network’s advertising sales department: “Take it down or we cancel our multi-million dollar advertising campaign with you.” I can’t prove this is what happened, but it’s a perfectly reasonable assumption given the circumstances. Having worked in media and advertising for over 20+ years, I know for a fact that things like this happen.

Determined to see the rest of the segment and, if at all possible, share it, I began looking for the piece elsewhere on the Internet. At first there was nothing. But then, on former pharmaceutical sales rep and current author Gwen Olsen’s Facebook fan page, someone posted download links for it. A friend uploaded them to Veoh. The segment, in two halves, is here and here.  If you watch it, feel free to leave comments below.

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13 Responses to Dr. Oz segment, critical of Big Pharma, yanked off show’s site within 24 hours of being aired.

  1. mike59 says:

    You can download the episode from YouTube and host it here if you like.

    Having been around benzodiazepine withdrawal forums too long I am painfully aware that many people believe all doctors, all media, all and everyone is involved in a giant conspiracy to sell us drugs and keep us sick. These same people often fear chewing gum, toothpaste, and fast food.

    My experience with doctors has been the exact opposite. Each one I saw warned of the dangers of benzodiazepines and were vary wary of prescribing them, if they prescribed them at all. That is three out of four doctors in my particular case.

    As far as Big Pharma goes: benzodiazepines have warnings on the product information that state use over 3-4 weeks is not recommended. The exact terminology escapes me because it has been two years since I looked it up.

    I came off of a heavy Xanax addiction / dependence with an Ashton cross but went very slow, based on nothing but internet scare stories propagated by online forums. I am totally recovered and in retrospect I feel the online forums do more harm than good.

    I don’t doubt a phone call to yank the episode might have been made but has anyone written Oz about that?

    • I’ve downloaded the segment from YouTube. If it disappears, I’ll upload it here. Thanks for letting me know.

      Your experience with doctors was very different than mine. Seven different doctors prescribed me clonazepam over the nearly 14 years that I was on the drug. Most of them said “you need this like a diabetic needs insulin” and “you’ll need to take this for the rest of your life.” The two exceptions were the doctor who yanked me off cold turkey causing me to seize and the doctor who helped me to taper this time. Except for the doctor who almost killed me with the cold turkey, I harbor no ill will towards my doctors. The original prescribing doctor had no idea what I would encounter down the road. He was just trying to help.

      As far as clonazepam warnings go, in 1995 it only said that longer term users shouldn’t abruptly discontinue taking it. Same with the PDR which I looked my drug up in. No doctor or pharmacist ever warned me. I didn’t have a computer let alone access to the Internet.

      You didn’t like your experience on the benzodiazepine withdrawal forums. I, on the other hand, did my first taper without the assistance of a forum. It was a much-too-fast dry-cutting taper that made me so sick I wanted to die. I ended up going to a detox unit because I couldn’t continue. This resulted in protracted withdrawal and, eventually, a reinstatement when I was still sick at 16 months off.

      The Dr. Oz Show hasn’t answered my e-mail about why the segment was removed. If they do, I’ll post it here.

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  3. benzos bite says:

    pay no attention to mike59 – he is sick

    he is the proverbial internet troll stalking and harassing people made ill by benzodiazepine addiction and withdrawal who post to withdrawal forums for much needed support and help in tapering off these addictive and toxic drugs

    he refers to these support forums as ‘cults’

    his number-one fan is just as sick as he is and is the owner of a benzo withdrawal site herself
    she works in conjunction with him in an effort to bring down other benzo forums

    they believe some people should be on these addictive drugs for life

  4. benzos bite says:

    benzos are responsible for thousands of deaths and heavily implicated in numerous suicides

  5. Notta Doctor says:

    Dr. Oz is a fraud. He is put in place to be a mediator between the general public and the world of natural foods/herbs/supplements. Due to his Oprah-like cult obsession, Oz successfully steers the market of the natural products industry. Go check out the video where he is pushing the swine flu vaccine and then tells an interviewer that his wife is not having their kids immunized. Wonder why?

    For those who don’t yet recognize that there is a massive effort to drug the public, keep them sick, and keep them dependent on drugs, please go read “When Healing Becomes A Crime” by Kenny Ausubel for a detailed history of the Hoxsey Cancer clinics and how the AMA grew into a monster whose job it was to seek and destroy the empirics, i.e chiropractors, herbalists, and other natural healers. There has been a movement underway for a long time to keep people from using safe, effective, natural, inexpensive medicines and there is an abundance of proof to substantiate that claim.

    The source of this country’s poor health can be found in our foolhardy agricultural practices. Once we return to an organic polyculture system of farming, and stop eating GMO, pesticide laden, processed “foods” will our health return.

    • I have no real opinion on Dr. Oz … or Dr. Drew or “Doctor” Phil or any of the other celebri-docs out there. Occasionally they come down on the same side of an issue as me and I find that useful. This was one of those instances. Too bad it got yanked off his site so quickly.

  6. benzos bite says:

    It is my opinion that if a doctor cannot accurately diagnose Iatrogenic Addiction, they need to get out of the business. Too many have died as a direct result of psychotropic meds, but the patients are blamed, rather than the *toxic medication*. This has got to stop. These meds have claimed more lives than Vioxx, and Vioxx is off the market. So what gives?

    Here is an incredibly interesting article … as soon as Vioxx was recalled U.S. deaths by heart attack dropped by thousands!

    “The total numbers are preliminary and based upon 90 percent of death records, but are expected to be confirmed in final tabulations. With 2,398,343 deaths recorded for 2004 and 2,448,288 in 2003, a drop of 49,945 was reported in just one year. ”

    I am sure we could expect the same proportionate drop in deaths if benzos were “removed” from the market. Of course their ultimate removal would have to be responsibly “tapered” .. by first disallowing brand-new long-term prescriptions. Then patients currently on prescriptions would need to be tapered with the patient in control of the speed of the taper – it would be tragic if the patients themselves were to lose control of their own taper.

    At a mere 4.48% of the world population the U.S. uses 60% of the worlds psychotropic drugs. This is due to DTC (Direct to Consumer) advertising.

    It’s criminal! It’s barbaric! It’s choreographed insanity!

  7. Jeason says:

    Hey! I have saved your site because you have so great posts here and I would like to read some more:)

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